07 Aug 2017

Wandsworth plumbers

You’ll be surprised! There aren’t many good wandsworths plumbers. You would have thought in a big city like London there must be tonnes.

London plumberFirstly, 90% of people in London will open up the google search engine and type in keywords like plumber or a local area keyword like Wandsworth plumber.

Generally London plumber is the most commonly typed keyword.
Surprisingly, the next stage is quite difficult as to how to find the right plumber?
It is important to look for a reputable company there 5 things to look out for-






Recommendations –

Recommendations from friends and family are a very good way of knowing how good a certain plumber’s quality of work is. Also, you will know how reliable and their price range.
But one thing to keep in mind is somebody’s “good” might be your “ok”
or somebody else’s “bad” might be your “brilliant”.
So recommendations for a layman can be problematic.


Reviews are also a very good way to find reliable plumber near me and Emergency plumbers.

By checking the customers’ response and amount of content,the more the better as you will be able to gage? If customers are really happy or just being pressured by the engineer for a good review.

But still one will have to read between the lines.

A really long review with plenty of contents is a genuinely good review as the customer truly believes and is profoundly happy with the service.and the positive wording


Some reviews are one liners like “good job” or really good job ”
These reviews are called pressure review
Where the Plumber is hovering over the customer like a hark wanting that review even tho the job might not of been so great the customer will write a one liner so not to offend the plumber.


Prices make a big difference ,when looking for a good Plumber in London .

Smaller firms are much better valve for money them calling a big company to do the same job.

As smaller firms will have a good experience plumber .

While larger companies will use less experiences plumbers who will take twice or 3 times as long ,you don’t want this when your paying by the hour.

I find getting a fix price a much better deal as many company’s don’t offer this fixed price service just stay away from them as your most probably in for a rollacoster ride.

The average price for s plumber is around £75-£109 per hour.


A Insured plumber is important as plumbing is very hazardous and anything can go wrong!

better be safe them sorry!

thats what i always say ?. normallay 2 million pound liability is enough to cover a normal home .

but living in a flat i would suguest 5 million liability as its not only your flat you will have to think about its also your neubours below as if you have a burst pipe in the middle of the night while your on hoilday ,you couldnt really imagine the amount of chaso and water damage plus fire damage from a major flood.

Have to think worse case scenario when dealing with highly pressured water and combined with electric,them throw in a trainee plumber or plumber with less them 5 years experience .might as well sign your own death trap.

Well who are londons

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