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Plumbers in Harold Wood

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a minor or major leak, it is important you get a specialist to make sure it never happens again. By getting in touch with Sauth Stor Plumbers, you will ensure that a qualified expert will be tending to the issue and you won’t have a repeat problem.

If your home is in Harold Wood, it allows you to make the most of the services from Sauth Stor Plumbers. Our team are readily available, sending experts out during the day, as well as evenings and weekends at your convenience.

Our Pricing Promise

Before we even set out to tend to any plumbing problem, we always establish a fixed price, so that there can be no confusion later on. Our pricing promise enables us to be as honest as possible from the outset, and makes it easier for our plumbers when completing jobs, as there is no pressure to change prices at the last minute.

What jobs do we cover?

Our 20 years’ worth of experience means that even a complicated plumbing system is something we can handle quite easily, and you should have no doubts of our competency to resolve your particular problem.

The general plumbing problems we cover include:

  • Boiler repairs
  • Blocked Drains
  • Heating Repairs

Your Local Harold Wood Plumbers

Our highly skilled plumbers represent Sauth Stor Plumbers with pride and symbolise not only our quality service, but our passion for all things plumbing. We are able to visit your property at a time convenient for you, or as soon as possible, which is normally within 60 minutes, if it is urgent.
If you have an emergency plumbing problem, call us and we can be there at a moment’s notice.

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