Power Flushing Service

It’s important for the proper function of the central heating system to clean it thoroughly on a regular basis to remove the sludge and debris accumulated in it. And power flushing forces water and rust removing chemicals in the pipes of heating system in order to remove the corrosion deposit.

Power flushing machine is set up in a way that water that flows from the system through a magnetic filter collects all the iron oxide sludge before it reaches the boiler.

After power flushing is done, the heating system is again replaced with clean water and corrosion inhibitors. The temperature of radiator service is monitored and recorded after power flushing is done. This information is recorded in the customer’s sheet and guarantee of one year if offered for the water’s condition.

The waste stored in the heating system is 80% responsible for heating issues and require professional and experienced power flushing to both prevent and resolve the problem. And by using high-velocity, low-pressure jets of water to flush out the pipes, the central heating system is restored for the best operation, and it is recommended before the installing any new boiler to an existing system.

Power flushing is an essential household maintenance process that poses a little inconvenience but can ensure that your heating system is working at optimum efficiency by heating radiators up quickly and saving fuel.

The Power Flushing Process:

Power-flushing is the process by which central heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water and chemicals at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system. A power-flushing machine replaces your heating pump or radiator and your system is drained down and filled with fresh water and heavy duty cleaning chemicals. Each radiator is then cleansed individually until they are clean and all sludge is removed. Once every radiator has been treated and the water is running clear inhibitor and anti-freeze is then added to your system to stop any further corrosion.

Many companies would use this great technology to extract vast sums of money from you, but we simply don’t. We only charge that is reasonable according to the service. You can give us a call on 02088773363 to get a quote or book an appointment for our visit. We are happy to help you.

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Power flushing service for commercials and residences in London

From diminishing heat to satisfactory heat in your central heating installation

Do you get sufficient warmth? Homeowners, you might have taken power flushing services from a service provider. You have invested much in that and have been enjoying the heat from your central heating during winters, the time when you need the service most.

Heat transmission is decreasing! Take the example you have installed the central heating services two years back. But now you feel you are not getting the same heat. When you confirm that the heat emission is diminishing understand your heating installation requires power flushing services. Many residents are facing the problem of reducing temperature from their system. Hold on; this is the time you need to consult a power flushing expert to set right heat emission issues.

The heat emission is decreasing due to the deposit of sludge and other residues that will clog the radiation of heat. These residues will accumulate inside the pipes and boilers in the central heating system.

Residences, what is the use of your heating system, if you are not getting the desired warmth? It is at this stage you need a trusted service provider to service your heating installation.

Why South Star?

South Star Plumbers is a reputed service provider offering plumbing and heating services in London. We have more than 25 years of experience in this field to do elaborate repairs for your existing heating installation. First of all, our plumbers identify gaps in the transfer of heat in the pipe, radiator valve and heating control servo valve.

Our process

The next step is setting up power flushing to pump water at high speed that will remove the sludge deposit from the pipes of your heating installation. Our technicians will quickly remove any debris or limescale that usually clog the transmission of heat.

Debris accumulation also has the potential of increasing the utility bills because more pressure is required to transfer the heat. That is why exactly you need to partner with a trusted central heating service partner to do tasks like removing debris from your central heating installation.

Retrieve the lost warmth

We know the ‘Paradise Lost’ phenomenon due to malfunctioning of your central heating system. Detect the decrease of heat at the earlier stage and use our technicians’ help that will lead to ‘Paradise Regained’. After all, who will not be interested in the uniform transmission of heat in their rooms or halls, an experience which they lost due to debris build up in the pipes of heating installation.

For commercial buildings

Our discussions were centred round residences of London. Other than houses we have concerns for commercial buildings also. They too have central heating installation, and often they neglect the decrease in heating unless and until it becomes an issue. Here what happens is there is little scope for single window clearance to sanction the servicing of central heating installation. That is why we are concerned about the service quality of the central heating system.

Remember, neglect on providing essential amenities can lead to workforce dissatisfaction and diminishing output. This will lead to a decrease in productivity. That is why you need to be alert to handle vital issues like maintaining the quality of amenities in your offices.

Commercials, go for a service contract

Because of these reasons, South Star Plumbers suggest you have a service contract with us for periodic inspection and repairs for your central heating installation. This will help to get optimum value from your workforce and the customers who visit your company. In this way, you are fostering excellence in your organisation indirectly. Therefore, call us for a quote.