Unblocking Internal drainage

South Star Plumbers are ready to undertake any drainage or blockage issue to give full support around the clock in London.

We make sure that your blocked drain are repaired as soon as possible, so drainage disruption is not an inconvenience to you and doesn’t affect your daily routine.

You can give us call anytime to book your appointment at 02088773363. We are here to serve you around the clock, throughout the year. As soon as we receive your call we set up a favourable time with the mutual consent. Our specialist team of plumbing workers quickly and efficiently resolve the toilets, sinks and pipes, drainage and blockage issues with a through inspection, leaving behind your property clean and tidy after the work is done. We ensure a guaranteed service, with the attempt of delivering high-quality work.

For anything else please call us for a tailored price.

Drainage unblocking

Round the clock drainage unblocking from experts

Can you stop falling of hair? Can you stop dissolving of food particles in the dinner plates while washing? Usually, we don’t care hair falling in bathrooms or sinks.

Similarly, we hesitate to remove the sold particles in the plates or vessels while washing. All these can become blocks sooner or later. Yes, blocks can happen anytime due to residues calling for help from local plumbers.

A weak flushing!

Commercials or residences often experience weak flushing in toilets. Lack of forced flush can result in accumulation of faecal waste sticking to the drain pipes. The result, you have a blocked toilet, and you require emergency plumbing services.

Get emergency help from local experts

Identifying the root causes of blocks and offer swift solutions for drainage unblocking is the need of the hour. To make this happen, commercials and residences need the support of an expert plumbing service provider. At South Star Plumbers, we have more than 25 years of experience in the drain or sink unblocking. Blocks in pipes can throw life out of gear, and that is why you need to partner with us for uninterrupted water passage in drains. In this process, you are promoting hygiene and wellness by itself.

Removing outside drainage blocks

Homes and commercial building owners need to understand the importance of outside drainage blocking that happens due to the build-up of leaves, twigs, papers, or covers that can lead to blocks. The water flows from the terrace to the basement should go underground of public sewerage canals. Due to blocks in external drainage, this result to water accumulation in the basement where you need to walk. All these blocks need to be unblocked on a war footing. Otherwise, your normal life will be disrupted. At South Star Plumbers, we empathise with the residents. Call our emergency plumbers to unblock blocks.

Unblocking drainages for hotels and hospitals in London

Sectors like hotels and hospitals in London often come across blocks in toilets, sinks, or drainage pipes. You can wait for long as delays in unblocks can seriously affect your businesses. Therefore, it makes sense for you to have a service contract with local experts like South Star Plumbers which have extensive experience in unblocking drain pipes that will help you sustain your very business.

Kitchen drain unblocking is vital for hotels

Hotels especially need to take seriously kitchen drain blocking that can affect the food service of guests as well as staff. Emergency unblocking services is the only remedy, and it calls for tying up with city’s top plumbing service providers like us.

Remove tree root blocks

Residences and commercials have problems with tree roots creating blocks in sewerage. South Star Plumbers have better ideas to remove tree root blocks in your drains.

Partner with us

Finally, let us team up to remove blocks like the build-up of silt, sewage, and general residues in drain pipes. Commercial drains or private drains, emergency plumbing services is the answer to remove blocks that often disrupt our life. Partner with South Star Plumbers for pleasure and profit.

Charges are per hour with a one-hour minimum charge and thereafter in 15 minute units. Some work can be carried out on the Estimate.

Call us on-02088773363

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